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Pratt & Whitney DPT Project

Project Summary

The Pratt & Whitney DPT Project was located on a secure US defense contractor’s campus near Jupiter, Florida.  The campus is utilized for development and testing of various defense-related equipment for the US military.  Security clearance is required for all personnel entering the campus.

The work consisted of advancing several 100-foot deep soil borings.  Tri-Con was selected because we operate one of Geoprobe’sTM largest direct push technology (DPT) drilling rigs.  The rig is capable of easily pushing the dual-tube sampling system to depths greater than 100-feet.  The scope of work included advancing the Waterloo Advanced Profiling System using the rig’s dual-tube sampling system.  The dual-tube system allowed our operator to push the Waterloo sampler to selected sampling depths within the protection of the outer drilling rods.  Once each selected depth was reached, the sampler was extended directly into the formation and utilized to collect a variety of field screening information including hydraulic conductivity, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen as well as collect physical groundwater samples for laboratory analyses.

At the time the work was tasked to Tri-Con, all parties involved in the work were unaware much of the work area had recently flooded.  When the work crews arrived at the site, they discovered nearly 1-foot of standing water between the road access area and the soil boring locations.  No delays due to these conditions occurred however, as Tri-Con’s DPT rig is track mounted and can be driven to each soil boring location using a remote control.  This allowed the operator and crew to drive the rig to each location from safe and dry swamp buggies obtained by Arcadis.  The drilling rig easily navigated through the wet, muddy conditions.

The work was completed by Tri-Con within both the allotted budget and timeframe.

Other Work

Project Stats

Client Information

Barbara Sullivan, PG
Arcadis, U.S.
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Boca Raton, FL 33487-2839
Telephone: 561.212.3675
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Performance Period

May 2012

Project Fees


Key Project Points

  • Direct push drilling rig technology
  • Swampy, high-water conditions did not delay work
  • Utilized down-hole tooling:  Waterloo APS Groundwater Profiling System