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Boland ER

Project Summary

On March 1, 2013, Tri-Con was subcontracted by Fortis Environmental Group to respond to an emergency response incident that occurred as a result of a vehicular accident involving a commercial tractor-trailer and a wild pig. The response activities were conducted in accordance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) “Implementation Guidance for Immediate Responses to Petroleum Product Releases”.

The collision caused a breach of the fuel tank on the truck, owned by J&J Trucking LLC, and released approximately 50 gallons of vehicular diesel.  The spill location was the north side of US 98, 0.34 miles southeast of the intersection of US 98 and Cabbage Grove Road in Perry.  The latitude and longitude of the vehicular accident are 30°08’19.42”N and 83°45’55.25”W.

The emergency response team consisted of Tri-Con and their subcontracted personnel, Eagle SWS, and Fortis Environmental Group, LLC.

Initially, adsorbent socks were placed into the ditch along US Highway 98 to prevent further spread of the fuel sheen.  The spent adsorbents were placed in four 55-gallon drum after activities were completed. Excavation of the impacted soil could not commence until utility locating personnel arrived onsite. Once major underground utilities were located in the area (fiber optic line), excavation commenced.  An area approximately 15 by 35 feet was excavated on the west-bound shoulder of US 98.  The excavation was extended to approximately 3-feet below land surface (bls) in the deepest areas.  The excavation depth varied based on volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations measured with an organic vapor analyzer (OVA) by Fortis personnel.  Soil was screened within the excavation area using a 5-foot square grid.

All excavated soil was stockpiled and then loaded onto a truck for disposal at the Thomasville Landfill in Thomas County, Georgia.  A total of 19.29 tons of contaminated soil were removed and disposed.  A total of 16 cubic yards of backfill was installed in the excavated area and properly compacted.

During excavation activities, SWS personnel utilized a vacuum truck to remove the petroleum impacted surface water located in the ditch.  A total 2,500-gallons of petroleum-impacted surface water was removed.

All petroleum impacted soil was removed from spill area on the west-bound shoulder of US 98.  All visibly petroleum impacted water was removed from the ditch area with a vacuum truck.

All emergency response/site cleanup activities were completed March 1, 2013.

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FORTIS Environmental Group, LLC

Performance Period

March 2013

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Key Project Points

  • Emergency Response
  • Conventional Excavation
  • Vacuum Truck
  • DPT soil sampling
  • Chemical Injection